3D design and models for web and prepress publicity

3D design can be used in a variety of ways inside the field of publicity . 3D elements and models are develop with different purposes:

• Animation
• To create and exemplify atmospheres
• In Architecture
• In Industrial design , etc.,

But also, we realize that publicity requires a level of aesthetic to be effective in its visual impact, 3D tools are for sure a right option to personalize your publicity, for web or prepress.

Everybody is aware that there are too many brands on our market , ready to become suggestive to their consumers. Even a still publicity, or printed publicity turns suggestive and effective when 3D elements and models are combined with the right 2D graphic design .

Here are some examples of the usage of 3D modeling techniques that might be effective in the field of publicity for certain brands :

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by bassnebula

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