Sound and design ( the side effects )




Sound and design : ( the side effects ).-

From the very start, in the rhythm of creation , vibration and resonance ended up as active mechanisms in the intriguing movement of nature.

Since that certain mysterious beginning ,very unique frequencies of sound travel the cosmos , assisting AN IMPOSING UNITARY MOVEMENT in the process of creation .

In our universe ; all living forms transit through a common activity. We respond and react to frequencies of sound .

We are a sound pulsation .

Unkown and intelligent chords of sound must be encrypted at the cellular structure of all existing organisms that are in motion in our universe .

There’s an action in sound, interconnecting us .I don’t know where it starts and where it ends . Like no beginning and no end, but definitely, an element in the process of creation and an amazing organic tool .

We’re affected by these frequencies constantly , at different levels and at different rates .

The cosmos is still pacing its path, working perfectly .

And here we are, sound pulsations, vibration and resonance, an amazing vehicle engineered by nature.

This work of nature , our living organism, also carries another mechanism , an odd and curious agent with an automatic desire to translate everything it feels and sees, a responder, a reactor, a translator, an illusionist : our thinking process .

Through time, we as responders, as reactors, have been translating the movement of life, projecting impressions all over our walls, shaping our goods , decorating ourselves.

We’re under a trance .

Some seem to operate under certain natural coding that gives them a certain level of awareness, enabling them to transmit aesthetics effectively , delivering clean and intelligent experiences in what they propose and create .

Some other translators deliver a more chaotic view of things, like if they were operating under different frequencies and a different coding .

What could be doing those obvious differences ? For sure, a whole movement ( nature ) is involved , moving around us and inside of us .

But I wonder if, at some level, those encrypted primal frequencies of sound might be playing a role in determining behaviors !

There are sounds that set our programmed minds in a frame of reference , like if by listening to them we were influenced by an act of intelligence . Sounds and thuds that when triggered, enable some individulas to envision a simple combination of ideas and colors inside an aesthetic space . Like finding light in the middle of silence .

There must be a frequency running, allowing some to connect in a very spontaneous way to those keys sounds that seem to activate our most inner intelligence and positive behavior , like if those sounds or thuds were decoding a constructive movement from the inside .

Some have a very natural attitude to merge with peaceful places . Some others admire and get magnetized by the stars and the blue nocturne, others visualize clean and intelligent atmospheres , like if all of the members of this kind were under the spell of a unique frequency, vibrating and resonating in a smart way .

For millennia , sound has been a very strong and influential element in our behavior . It seems , that this old frequency keeps recognizing itself through some individuals.

In our times, we witness people and artists delivering concepts in a very aesthetic fashion.

Understanding or not their concept , we can for sure be connected with the intelligence and uniqueness encrypted in the forms and concepts they display , getting our attention like if we were finding those precise moments were quietness and light are in perfect harmony .

And then we think of what kind of frequencies and sounds might be encrypted in those concepts , behind the artist, behind the translator .

Likewise, we think of what kind of frequencies might lay hidden in certain photographs, or designs, or paintings, or in certain atmospheres, or maybe in the day and in the night .

What kind of frequency makes us recognize aesthetics for what it is ???. Sound describes atmospheres and people , and sometimes hypnotize us , releasing a mystical perception in us , like if we were set in a certain attitude to create intelligently.

Can we identify that primal frequency of sound encrypted in our cells that allow us to associate our thinking towards intelligent designs and evolved concepts ?

Can we manipulate mind programming through intelligent frequencies of sound , unifying sectors into a pattern of creativity and aesthetics , modifying by consequence our societies’ members behavior ?

Those key frequencies and key sounds are still hidden in every of us , like the rest of the movement of creation .

by : bassnebula

Life is like sound; perhaps it never starts and it never ends, only in the illusions of our thinking process.
An element of the source? : this is sound !

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